2 Drum Polyethylene Sump Pallet

2 Drum Polyethylene Sump Pallet

259.73216.44 ex VAT

Product Description

• Polyethylene 2 drum sump pallet (Holds 1 or 2, 205L drums). (BUND.P2)
• Polyethylene 4 drum sump pallet (Holds 1 to 4, 205L drums). (BUND.P4)
• Pallet has removable polyethylene grate.
• Pallet grate can take up to 900kgs.
• Also suitable for use with Adblue®.

2 Drum Polyethlene Sump Pallet
Sump CapacitySump has a capacity of up to 220 litres.
Fortlift AccessForklift access, weight 29kgs.


Bunded sump pallets. Polyethylene. Choose between the option for 2 or 4 205L drums. Suitable for Adblue