350 Litre Water Butt In Green Marble

350 Litre Water Butt In Green Marble

Water Butt - NEW 350 Litres - Slimline water butt that is tough, strong and durable and is designed for everyone! Ideal for gardeners who want extra water to hand.

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Product Description

The 350 Litre Water Butt In Green Marble

Ideal slimline water butt that will fit into all those small and tight spaces and perfect for applying a hose to feed your garden.

Slimline tough and durable water butt ideal for sliding in to small spaces. Made from medium density polyethylene our new 350 Litre comes with an 8" vented lid and a 1" bsp outlet which is ideal for connecting a garden tap or even connecting water butts together. Low in height these water butts are perfect for making use of those small areas in the garden or garage.

Water butts like these would not look out of place in any garden, with multiple colours and styles to choose from, maximise your garden space with a slimline water butt.

You can maximise your garden space by installing or replacing you old cylindrical water butt with a new Slimline Water Butt. What about next to your greenhouse? Did you know that you can collect rain water from the roof of your greenhouse roof and your shed roof?


Water Butt Dimensions
Capacity 350 Litres
Length 990mm
Width 520mm
Height 750mm
Weight 25kg
Out Let 1" BSP
In Let 8" Screw down Lid

Look after your water butt and it will look after you ! In the summer months when everywhere is dry and little sign of rain, your garden really is suffering. By having a water butt you can feed your garden and keep it productive and healthly.

In a water butt you want a durable and strong water butt that holds the water in safely and you want it to be easy to access the water when you want it. Well Ecosure water butts are all this and more. They are built with extra strength and durability and come with a screw down lid and bottom outlet for the gardener to access and use when they want.