75 Litre Window Cleaning / Car Valeting Tank

75 Litre Window Cleaning / Car Valeting Tank

Small compact 75 litre water tank thats in a natrual finish and is designed for its small shape and easy access.

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Product Description

About the 75 Litre Water Tank

Ideal for cleaning, window cleaning, car valeting and general rainwater storage.

Constructed from MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene), this small water tank is ideal for collecting water from a small area.
This compact water tank would work well as a sprayer tank.

You are free to add your own tap, outlet, ball and or valve anywhere you like.

DimensionsH:310mm xW:445mm xL:600mm
Outlet" BSP
Lid9" Screwdown Lid
Capacity75 litres / 16.5 gal