Adblue Transfer Tank V1 350 Litre

350 Litre Adblue Transfer Tank V1

538.80449.00 ex VAT

Product Description

Safely dispense Adblue anywhere with our specially designed truck mountable dispenser. With a baffled storage tank for safer transportation and 12V self priming pump, this is an economical, ready-to-use transfer system which ensures that you can quickly and efficiently dispense urea on the go. The chunky design provides good stability, whilst taking up comparatively little space.

Dispenser Benefits

  • Position anywhere
  • Ideal for vehicular use
  • Easy to use pump & nozzle
  • Compact unit

  • Fuel dispenser features
  • Baffled storage tank
  • 12V self priming pump, 35L/min
  • 4m delivery hose as standard
  • Delivery hose holder
  • Manual nozzle as standard
  • 2" BSP fill point

  • Optional extras
  • 12V Battery & case
  • Battery charger
  • Automatic nozzle
  • 6m/8m delivery hose
  • Flowmeter
  • Electronic gauge

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