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Baffled Water Tank 1900 Litres Slimline

Baffled Water Tank 1900 Litres Slimline

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Product Description

About the 1900 Litre Water Tank

The Ecosure 1900 litre SUPER SLIMLINE water tank comes fitted with a 14" vented lid and a 1" or 2" BSP fitting located at the bottom of the tank inline with the lid. Its super slimline design is what makes this water tank so special.

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This water tanks is ideal for both domestic and commercial use including rainwater collection, manufacturing, farming and agricultural, landscape gardening and many more applications.

Ecosure water tanks are rotational moulded from industrial strength MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) using the latest in UV stabilization technologies.

1950 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
H:1660mm x W:720mm x L:2010mm

Outlet 1" / 2" BSP

Weight 140kg

Access 9" Lid

Capacity 1900 litres / 418 gal