Booster Pump & Pressure Tank CPE100TF 1

Booster Pump & Pressure Tank CPE100TF 1

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Product Description

Designed specifically for boosting or maintaining water pressure for home and garden water supplies, whether the water source be a pond, stream or mains water. Water pressure is maintain by pressurised bladder within the tank ; the pump also turns on & off automatically, depending on demand, thanks to the fitted pressure switch. Ideal for boosting water pressure for garden taps, hose pipes and intermittent switching irrigation systems.


Pump Features

  • Flow rate up to 51 L/min
  • Maximum head (lift height) 35Mtrs
  • 20 Litre tank contains air inflated bladder to maintain constant water pressure
  • Auto pressure on / off switch ensures continuity of pressure between 2 and 3.5 bar
  • Includes inlet filter, non-return valve, pressure gauge and electric cable with fitted plug
  • 700 Watts, 230v 1ph motor