Cold Water Tank 1050 Litres V2

Cold Potable Water Tank 1050 Litres V2

Cold Water Tank 1050 Litres - Secure large plastic water storage tank.

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Product Description

Layflat cold water storage tank 1050 Litres in black that is deisgned for storing water in with easy access when needed.
This new slimline is designed to fit into most tight spaces. Slim in design and holds up to 1050 litres of water. This tank is made from MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene). Ideal for car valeting and window cleaning the tank comes with two non vented lids.

This is a potable water tank therefore suitable for drinking water


Cold Water Tank Dimensions
Height 670mm
Length 1500mm
Width 1200mm
Capacity 1050 Litres
Outlet 1" BSP
Inlet 8" Screwdown Lid
Weight empty 48 Kgs