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Cylinder Cut Till Lock UN4004

Cylinder Cut Till Lock UN4004
Ref: UN4004--
72.1260.10 ex VAT

Please note there is a small delivery charge on this small item.


  • For wooden drawers or tills
  • To suit drawers or tills up to 23mm material thickness
  • May be supplied master keyed

  • Operation:
  • The bolt is withdrawn by key operation
  • On closing the drawer or till the bolt is automatically engaged


  • Reference 4004
  • Case Size 63.5mm (2.5)
  • Cylinder Projection 26.5mm
  • Case Brass, sanded
  • Cap Brass, sanded
  • Striking Plate Brass, 4138-10
  • Spring Bolt Brass
  • Cylinder Type Brass, 4-pin tumbler mechanism
  • Keying Groups May be supplied standard differ, keyed alike, keyed to pass or masterkeyed. Supplied with 2 nickel silver keys. May be keyed alike with other utility
  • locks of the same key blank number
  • Key Blank Number KB11-534-55
  • Also supplied with extra length cylinder projections: 29.5mm - 400401 (PL finish only) 32.5mm - 400402 (PL finish only) 35.5mm - 400403 40.5mm - 400404