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Cylinder Night Latch 1022 / L1022

Cylinder Night Latch 1022 / L1022

Product Description


  • For timber doors from 35-60mm thick, hinged on the left or right and opening inwards only Not recommended for glass panelled doors Also suitable for steel and composite doors - special fixings required Specification The bolt is withdrawn by key outside and knob inside The bolt may be held in the locked or in the withdrawn position by operating the snib Backset: 60mm Case & Keep: Zinc Latch Bolt: Anodised Brass finish Knob: Brass Outside Cylinder: Brass, 5 pin tumbler mechanism Inside Cylinder: n/a Keying Groups: May be supplied to pass, differ & master keyed. Supplied with 2 steel nickel plated keys as standard Master keyed products supplied with nickel silver keys Key Blank Number: KB8-NP Available Boxed or Visi Packed Case only: Available in CG and SE finishes Case & Cylinder: Available in CG-PL, SE-PL, SE-CH and SE-SC finishes !!<Finish
    CG - Champagne Gold
    SE - Satin Enamel
    PL - Polished Brass
    CH - Chrome
    SC - Satin Chrome

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