Ecosure 15,000 Litre Underground Tank

Ecosure 15,000 Litre Underground Tank

Ecosure 15,000 Litre Underground Tank - Rainwater Harvesting Tank Underground.

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Product Description

Storing water underground is not a new idea, it has been happening for hundreds of years with underground chambers used to collection rainwater from roofs. The storage of water has become a major concern these days with frequent reminders about environmental issues.

Storing water underground is more desirable then having a large tank sitting outside your house. Our tanks come in various different sizes to accommodate all. Made from strengthened MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) these tanks are durable enough to go into the ground and last.

Suitable for external commercial or agricultural use
Value for money, high capacity water storage
Frost proof; will not crack in the cold
Opaque plastic reduces algae growth in sunlight
Rotationally moulded for strength and durability
10 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Perfect for commercial and agricultural usage, this massive 15,000 litre water tank is suitable for non potable water storage.

On top of the tank are four possible in/out lets for you to connect your pipe work to. To allow you to connect large pipe our pipe connection places will allow sizes up to 8".

Access into the tank can be made via the 600mm vented lid on the top of the tank. This access can be used for any general maintenance required.

15,000 Litre Tank Dimensions
Dimensions H:2610mm x Dia:2700mm
Outlet Upto 8"
Weight 280kg
Access 600mm
Actual Capacity 14,852 litres