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Ecosure 1800 Litre Bunded Oil Tank

Ecosure 1800 Litre Bunded Oil Tank

Ecosure 1800 Litre Bunded Oil Tank
Ref: ECO1800BUND

Price: 970.80 Inc VAT
809.00 Ex VAT

All prices are delivery included to mainland England and Wales

The Ecosure 1850 has been engineered to exceed the most demanding requirements, including The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 and comparable requirements throughout the British Isles

Using the oil inside your tank could not be easier, located at the bottom of the tank is a 1" female BSP outlet, this can be used to connect to your boiler, via a Filter Valve Pack and Fire Valve.

So what is it made of?

Well all Ecosure tanks are made from a tough plastic called MDPE (medium density polyethylene) and are rotionally molded on site. Ecosure uses a high quality MDPE to create our tanks which means you can be assured your buying a first grade product. Ecosure bunded oil tanks are manufactured according to OFS T100.

Bunded Oil Tank Features
- 1" BSP Outlet INCLUDED
- 4" Inspection Cap INCLUDED
- 2" Overfill Protection Valve INCLUDED
- Lockable Lid INCLUDED

Bunded Oil Tank Dimensions
Dimensions H:2000mm x D:1450mm
Outlet 1" BSP
Fill Point 2" Overfill Prevention Valve
Weight 125kg
Security Lockable Lid
Nominal Capacity(Litres) 1770
Actual Capacity (Litres) 1850

Oil Tank Base Recommended
Oil Tank Recommended Base Required
Width 1440mm
Length 2965mm

Oil Tank Security

As security is paramount with regard to keeping your oil safe, all Ecosure bunded oil tanks come fitted with a hasp and staple which can be used with a padlock help keep your oil safe.
Under the lockable lid you will find a 2" male overfill prevention valve and inspection cap. There is also a yellow bung which can be removed to add a level gauge if required.
Using the oil inside your tank could not be easier, located at the bottom of the tank is a 1" female BSP outlet which can be used to connect straight to your boiler.

Bunded Oil Tank Installation

  • Bunded oil tanks must be installed in the following way
  • 1.8 metres from a non-fire rated walls/eaves.
  • Should not be within 760mm of a combustible boundary e.g.fence, bush
  • Vent must be visable from the tanks fill point
  • Bunded Oil Tanks hold 110% capacity of the inner tank.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We aim to give our customers complete customer satisfaction within our products and service. If you have any queries on our products or queries on delivery please feel free to contact our friendly sales team who will be more than happy within answering your calls.




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