Palm TP-100

Bio Bidet Palm TP-100

94.8079.00 ex VAT

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Product Description

Handheld portable travel bidet which uses tap water, giving you the comfort of a bidet at your desired temperature wherever you may be. Feel at home, away from home.

  • Slim & stylish design
  • Light & compact
  • 200 ml. capacity
  • Self contained
  • Simple operation
  • Soft operating buttons
  • Effective spray wash
  • Posterior nozzle
  • Feminine nozzle
  • Handy carry pouch
  • Battery operated ...
  • (2 AA alkaline cells incl.)
  • Resistant to chemicals & mild cleaning agents

  • Shower Bidet Seat Fit Charts and Dimensions


  • The Bio Bidet washlet is a hygiene and comfort system that incorporates a wash and blow-dry facility.
  • Eliminates the need for toilet paper.
  • A brilliant space saver functioning as a toilet seat as well as an electronically controlled bidet.
  • No building adjustments are needed for installation.
  • Significant improvement of personal hygiene.
  • Cleansing during and after menstruation.
  • Potential prevention of medical conditions such as haemorrhoids and cancer of the rectum.
  • Converts a conventional toilet into a sophisticated shower-toilet.
  • Significant help in unassisted use of the toilet for the elderly, handicapped, and those suffering from medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis.