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Piusi Suzzara Blue Delphin - Adblue® Car Dispenser

Piusi Suzzara Blue Delphin - Adblue® Car Dispenser - SPECIAL OFFER PRICE DELIVERED

1,395.00 ex VAT

Delivery: 3.50 (4.20 inc VAT)

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Product Description



- Adblue® dispensing system designed for garages, allows safe refilling of Adblue® into cars.
- 200L Adblue® drum (not included) mounts on the sturdy trolley making it a portable system.
-230V pump fills the upper Delphin tank (20L with visual indicator) the cars tank is then refilled from this allowing the user to control the amount of adblue
being delivered into the car.
- This system avoids leaks & mess, making it easy to use.

Closed System
- Adblue® cannot be polluted by external pollutants thanks to this new Delphin system.
- The air from the car tank is moved to the upper Delphin tank during the refuelling of the car/vehicle.

How it Works
- Switch on the 230V pump to fill the upper 20L tank
- Check the upper tank level using the visual indicator.
- Any excess Adblue® is returned to the 200L drum.
- The push fit filling valve assembly (designed to ISO 22241) connects to the cars Adblue® tank & fills under gravity.
- The upper 20L tank has a visual level indicator, allowing teh user to control the amount of liquid delivered into the vehicle.