Water Butt 280 Litres Antique Stone

Water Butt 280 Litres Antique Stone

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Product Description

Looking for a water butt for your garden? Well look no further the antique stone water butt V1 is ideal. It's small, compact, rectangular and space saving which is something every gardener should have. Unlike all the round water butts this one takes up very little ground space and is easy to use. Made from MDPE, strong, weather resistant and easy to maintain.

Water Butt Features:

  • " BSP
  • 8" Vented lid
  • Slimline design
  • Speckled style

  • 280 litre Water Butt Details
    Dimensions H:820mm x W:340mm x L:1100mm
    Outlet ¾" BSP
    Weight 20kg
    Access 9" Lid
    Capacity 280 litres / 62 gal