Water Butt 400 Litres V2 Green Marble

Water Butt 400 Litres V2 Green Marble

The 400 Litre water butt - A quality slimline water butt that can slide in those tight and small spaces in and around your garden.

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Product Description

Water Butt Information

The new 400 litre water butt varient 2 is ideal for garden lovers who want that extra water to feed and maintain the garden. The varient 2 water butt is designed to lay flat on the floor so that you can easily access the water lower to the ground. Ideal for green houses and garden sheds.
You can use your 400 litre water butt how you want and make it work for your individual needs. Store it under a window, alongside a garden shed or wall or in that tight space by your garage. To collect the rainwater it can be done in many ways by diverting the water into the tank. You can get a rainwater diverter which you can purchase from us and feed the water from the roof tops of your greenhouse, garden shed, conservatory or anyway that builds up collected water and feed it into your water butt. Even if you only want to collect the rainwater for the summer months collect it during the winter time and use the water in the dry summer months when threat of a hose pipe ban. By having a water butt it can really save you money and with our water butts if you purchase more than one you can link them up together.

Use your stored water how you want to feed your garden, to wash your windows, wash your car its up to you and its free

All of our water butts are made here on site in the UK, this allows us to make our water butts with extra care and quality and give our customers a much faster delivery service.

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Water Tank Dimensions
Height 345mm
Length 1240mm
Width 1000mm
Capacity 400 Litres
Outlet 1" BSP
Inlet 8" Screwdown Lid
Weight empty 26 Kgs

Made from medium density polyethylene our new 400 Litre comes with an 8" vented lid and 1" bsp outlet which is ideal for connecting a garden tap or even connecting water butts together.

Water Butt Features

  • Slim and easy to slide in tight and limited spaces
  • Strong and durable
  • Made from MDPE (medium density polyethylene)
  • Comes In a Variety of Multiple Colours
  • Hard Wearing & Heavy Duty
  • Made With Extra Quality
  • Easy Access to Water
  • Tolerates All Weather Conditions
  • Made In The UK Here On Site
  • Discounts On More Than One
  • Next Day Delivery On Request
  • Fast Delivery