1275 Litre Pillar Water Tank

1200 litre water tank

1275 Litres Water Tank

Water Tanks - 1275 Litre tall standing water tank - slim and takes up very little footprint.

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Product Description

Tall standing water tank that holds 1275 ltrs of water. Designed and made here on site in the UK to meet all standards.The Ecosure 1275 ltr water butt has three water draw off points, one is in the middle of the tank allowing enough room to get a water can underneath, the second and third are suitated at the bottom allowing you maximise the water usage.

Storing your rainwater can really save you huge amounts on your water bills. This water tank is ideal for commercial, domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes.

This is a non potable water tank therefore is not suitable for drinking water storage. Please see potable version if you require a tank for drinking water.

1275 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
Lid14" Screwdown Lid
Capacity1275 litres / 280 gal