1500 Litre Water Butt Blue Marble

This extra large water butt is new to our wide collection of pillar water butts. Ideal for holding a much larger volume of water than most water butts on the market its designed to take up less ground footprint. Our pillar collection come in a wide range of garden colours which have three draw off pointsm one in the middle of the tank allowing enough room to get a water can underneath, the second and third and situated at the bottom allowing you to maximise the water storage.

695.00 ex VAT

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Product Description

Rainwater harvesting is the way forward it terms of saving money on water and having a well fed garden and grounds all year round. Even when there is a hosepipe ban and dry weather with a water butt you still have access to rainwater which is overall better for the garden than relying on the mains water.

1500 Litre Water Butt Dimensions
OutletLeft: 2" | Centre " | Right: 2" BSP
Lid14" Screwdown Lid
Storage typeRainwater / Non-potable water
Capacity1500 Litres