MANUFACTURING UPDATE: We sincerely regret that some of our orders are currently subject to extended lead times. We can be contacted via Live Chat 8am-5pm Monday to Friday for more information. Alternatively, call us on 01763 261781. We thank you for your patience - and for your support of British manufacturing - at this very difficult time.

The Oasis Water Butt Planters

The latest Ecosure water butt planter, The Oasis, combines the convience of a water butt and the beauty of a garden planter all in one. Made in the UK we have a fantastic range of water butt planters which are a great way of rainwater harvesting which not only gives you rainwater to feed your garden. Unlike most standard high street water butts our water butts are made using a much tougher and thicker plastic which doesn't need to drain excess water during the winter months. We have a great selection of colours and they comes complete with tap pack.