Alpha Twin Pump

Alpha Twin Pump

Alpha Twin Pump

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Please Choose From Options Below ALPHA/50/50 230V 50/50L/Min. No Nozzle 3422.42 + vat ALPHA/50/70 230V 50/70L/Min. No Nozzle 3422.42 + vat ALPHA/70/70 230V 70/70LMin. No Nozzle 3422.42 + vat ALPHA/50/90 230V 50/90L/Min. No Nozzle 3589.00 + vat ALPHA/70/90 230V 70/90L/Min. No Nozzle 3589.00 + vat ALPHA/90/90 230V 90/90L/Min. No Nozzle 3745.00 + vat Pump & Integral Fuel Control System (FC) ALPHA/50/50FC FC 50/50L/Min. No Nozzle 4952.00 + vat ALPHA/50/70FC FC 50/70L/Min. No Nozzle 4952.00 + vat ALPHA/70/70FC FC 70/70L/Min. No Nozzle 4952.00 + vat ALPHA/50/90FC FC 50/90L/Min. No Nozzle 5110.99 + vat ALPHA/70/90FC FC 70/90L/Min. No Nozzle 5110.00 + vat ALPHA/90/90FC FC 90/90L/Min. No Nozzle 5224.56 + vat To Make the Above FC into a full System add the following FC10.WB Web based system 583.66 + vat FC10.GPRS GPRS Modem 12 Months SIM 268.00 + VAT FC10.COMMIS Web Based Commissioning 449.00 + vat FC10.TAGR Data tag 1per vehicle/driver 7.80 + vat

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Product Description

- Traditionally, if two pumps were required you purchased two
separate pumps. Save money choose a twin pump.

- Front nozzle holsters are optional at no extra cost where space
to the side of the pump is limited.
- Pumping speed options for diesel: 50/50, 50/70, 50/90, 70/70,
70/90, 90/90L/min. Standard set up low speed on left, hi speed
on right. Adblue® pumping speed 40L/min. B100 Biodiesel 60 or
- Choose 50 for cars/vans, 70 trucks, 90L/min for artics/plant
vehicles, you can fill a van at the same time you fill an earth
mover, or you can fill an artic with Diesel & Adblue®, as you can
choose Adblue® 40L/min one side & diesel or B100 Biodeisel 60
or 80L/min the other. (Biodiesel options same price as diesel).
- Dual display option, if space permits you can pull up to the front
or back of the pump & see the amount being dispensed.

Please Call For Price On 01763 261 781


With the introduction of the latest fuels such as biodiesel &
Adblue® it has become more necessary for anyone who
dispenses fuel to require more than one pump to dispense two
different fuels or the same fuel at two different speeds.