Baffled Water Tank 500 Ltrs In Natural V3


Baffled Water Tank 500 Ltrs In Natural V3

Baffled Water Tank 500 Litres - It's important and safer for a plastic water tank to have baffles if its going to be used in a vehicle. The Baffles reduce the movement by disrupting the flow of the water and preventing it from going side to side. Please ensure your water tank is secured safely in your vehicle before setting off on your planned journey as this can be a potential hazard. This water tank is designed for water transporting water and is made in the UK. Our brand name is Ecosure and we ensure nothing but the highest standards of quality made plastic. Weather resistant and the varient 3 is designed simply to take less footprint up on the ground. Space saving and durable perfect combination for water storage.

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Tank Applications

  • Cleaning
  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial

  • Description

    This baffled water tank is a slimline design and is tough and durable, making it ideal for Car Valeters and Window Cleaners. Made from medium density polyethylene our new 500 Litre comes with an 8" lid and vent.

    The baffled water tank has baffles within the water tank to ensure that they are safer for vehicle storage.

    500 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
    Outlet1" BSP
    Lid9" Scewdown Lid
    Capacity500 Litres /110 Gallons