Easy Hydro 10,000 Litre Rainwater System

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Easy Hydro 10,000 Litre Rainwater System

Start cutting your water bills in half with our rainwater harvesting system 10,000 litres easy hydro. It comes complete with a kit that will enable you to have an easy effcient system that you can effectively use for garden use. It can be used for irrigation, washing the car, car valeting , water features etc.

Easy HYDRO System includes

- 10,000 Rainwater harvesting tank
- 35m head submersible water pump
- 25m of rainwater harvesting pipe
- Pump connectors
- Garden tap and connections
- Roll of PTFE Tape

3145.83 ex VAT

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The Ecosure 10,000 litre Rainwater Harvesting Tank is an automatic rainwater harvesting system which is used for collecting and supplying water on demand for both Domestic and Commercial use.

This system consist of an industrial strength MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) underground water tank complete with pipe work connections, submersible pump and water filter. This system offers great savings on main water consumption and help towards the environment.

Why Ecosure Rainwater Harvesting Systems?

- Designed and manufactured in the UK
- Made from rotationally moulded one piece MDPE
- Uses UK standard fittings
- Neck ring included

Underground Water Tank Dimensions
OutletsUpto 4"
Access16'' Lid
Capacity12000 Litres