Super Complete Rainwater Harvesting System 1500 Litres

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Super Complete Rainwater Harvesting System 1500 Litres

Rainwater harvesting could not be more simple when it comes down to it. Collecting rainwater into a tank which is then stored, pumped and filtered to be used to many applications around the home and garden. Each system comes with a different size rainwater harvesting tank that is caculated to how much water you require. We manufacture all our own rainwater harvesting tanks which are made on site here in the UK and we specialise in a fantastic range of system setups designed to meet your needs and requirments.

1500 Litre Rainwater Harvesting System Includes

  • 1 x Ecosure Underground Rainwater Tank
  • 1 x 25m of 25mm Rainwater Pipe
  • 1 x Stainless steel water pump
  • 1 x Walk-on removable lid
  • 1 x Extended neck
  • 1 x In-line filter box
  • 1 x Brass foot valve
  • 3 x 25mm pipe connectors
  • 1 x 1" BSP isolator valve

  • Rainwater harvesting is a big money saver which could cut down your water billls by half. It can be used it for many garden and household applicatons. Rainwater is free natural rainwater is always going to be better for the garden over thethan using the mains water which contains filteration chemicals.

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    The Benefits and Reasons to Save Water
    There are so many benefits to saving rainwater firstly it will save you money on your water bills, using natural rainwater is much better for outside uses such as watering your garden than tap water as it does not contain chemicals used to filter the water. Rainwater can be used effectively to flush toilets which takes up around 35% of our average household water usage. That alone eats up a percentage of your water use which could be taken away with the use of a rainwater harvesting system. They can be used to help reduce heavy flooding.

    Super Complete Rainwater Harvesting System 1500 Litres
    Our rainwater harvesting systems are all UK made and designed. Our aim is to provide a system that is quality made, works well and is easy to use and maintain. Each of our bunded tanks are made using the highest tank- grade MDPE. Rotationally molded on site and come with integrated lifting eyes to allow east manoeuvring. Each tank is compatible with a UK standard 4" (110mm) pipe fittings.

    Whats Included In The Rainwater Harvesting System

    The Super Complete system can be used for home and garden use.
    It comes included with:

    Included Pump Specification (BPT1200SS)

  • Maximum output: 61 litres/min
  • Maximum head: 46m
  • 1200 Watts, 230V motor
  • 19 litre stainless steel tank
  • Operating pressure: 3 bar (43psi)
  • Self-priming pump
  • Auto pressure, water-resistant on/off switch
  • 1" Outlet

  • Pump Upgrade Specification (CBM250SS)
  • Pump upgrade specification (CBM250SS)
  • Maximum output: 100 litre/min
  • Maximum head (lift height): 60m
  • Longlife double insulated impeller
  • 24 litre stainless steel tank
  • Auto start/stop to ensure continuity of water pressure
  • Operating pressure: 3.5-5.2 bar (51-75psi)
  • 1250 Watt, 230V motor

  • Undergrround Filter
    Made from the same high-quality MDPE as the underground water tank, the filter box can be installed anywhere along the inlet pipe between the tank and the down pipe. Ensure you can gain access to the filter for cleaning. Please note that the filter box lid is designed to withstand foot traffic only.

    Back up in a box
    OptionalThis back up in box detects when the tank water level is running low and tops up the water level to ensure the tank never runs out of a water supply.

    Rainwater Pipe

    This system comes with 25m of 25mm Rainwater Harvesting Pipe. This pipe can be easily identified be the Green strip running down Black pipe. This pipe must be used under the Water Regulations.

    Underground Water Tank Dimensions
    OutletsUpto 4"
    Capacity1500 Litres