The Pros and Cons of Rainwater Harvesting


Rainwater Is Free

Making the most of the free things in life! In many ways we take for granted the amount of water that is wasted when we have a rainy period. It's only in those dry months when the garden is looking dry that we need water and usually depend on the mains water for everything. When there are hosepipe bans this is where rainwater harvesting comes into its own. Use your saved water to feed your garden.

Rainwater Is More Beneficial Than Tap Water

Rainwater will always be far more beneficial for your garden than relying on the mains water as it doesn't contain half the filtration chemicals.

Rainwater Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes.

If you're thinking well, where can I use the saved rainwater well you can used it for all sorts of things which include washing down the patio, cleaning the car, it can be used for irrigation, window cleaning. With filtration it can be used for flushing a toilet and other uses.

It Reduces Ground Water

With large rainfalls some areas are prone to flooding and by having a rainwater harvesting can prevent a buildup of groundwater.

Aboveground or Below

Rainwater Harvesting can be done easily aboveground as well as below. Depending on space and how you want to run your system.

Ideal for Irrigation

Irrigation systems for gardens and farming are one of the best ways to feed a healthy garden or crop. Rainwater is more beneficial than using the mains as it does not contain the chemicals used for filtration.

Reduces Water Bills

Having a rainwater harvesting system reduces water bills. If you're not relying on the mains water and reducing the usage, then of course the costs of water will go down.


Rainfall is never reliable

British weather is very unpredictable. We can have one day of glorious sunshine and the next day is freezing cold with hale stones.

Storage Limitation

Each water butt has a limitation on how much water the water butt can be filled up to. If the user requires more water, then it would mean they get another water butt. Ecosure slimline water butts are designed to link together which is a space saving solution which can be done over a period of time.

Water Treatment

Depending on how the user wants to use the saved rainwater it might need to be treated to clean it.