Water Butt 800 Litres Green Marble

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800 Litres Water Butt Green Marble

Tall 800 Litre Water Butt - Slim and they can stand alone or flush against a wall or garden fence. Made here on site in the UK.

Water butt features

  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Colour samples available upon request
  • Manufactured from high quality virgin polymer
  • Weather resistant
  • Maximises capacity when space is limited
  • Tanks can be connected together using bottom outlets
  • Opaque plastic reduces algae growth in sunlight
  • Rotationally moulded for strength and durability
  • 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects

362.50 ex VAT

Delivery information

  • Estimated delivery time: 3-7 working days.
  • Shipping charges: Prices includes 65.00. Collection available, call for details.

Brass tap kit

Downpipe Diverter

Butt Buddy -

Product Description

Water Butt 800 Litres Green Marble and Free Diverter - Tall Standing Plastic Water Butt - Ideal for garden lovers who have large areas to water and want a water butt that takes up very little footprint. Store your water in a safe water butt with easy access when needed. The water butt comes with a screw down lid and bottom outlet which you can apply a tap kit to to draw the water when needed.

800 Litre Water Butt Dimensions
Access9" Vented Lid
Capacity800 litres / 176 gal