1300 Ltr Water Tank Black


1300 Litre Water Tank Black

Being self sufficient is becoming more easier to do and why not start with water and saving your own rainwater at home. Collecting rainwater can be done using one of our water storage tanks. We have a wide collection of sizes, shapes and styles all for both domestic and commercial use. There are so many benefits to rainwater harvesting in which can save you money. Firstly in the summer and dry months our gardens need more water to keep alive and rainwater is not only the best quality water to feed it with but its free. If you save your own rainwater it won't cost you and you can save as much and as little as you want.

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This water tanks is ideal for both domestic and commercial use including rainwater collection, manufacturing, farming and agricultural, landscape gardening and many more applications.

Storing your water can really save you money on your monthly water bills and especially if you are on a water meter, you will see the difference.

Ecosure water tanks are rotationally moulded here on site in the Uk to meet all standards and they are made from industrial strength MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) using the latest in UV stabilization technologies.

The Ecosure 1300 litre water tank comes fitted with a 14" or 16" screw down lid and a 1" or 2" BSP fitting located at the bottom of the tank inline with the lid. The 1200 litre water tank is fully vented for both potable and non-potable water. Also is low in height making this water tank ideal for easy filling and easy tank access for pump installation.

This is a non potable water tank therefore is not suitable for drinking water storage. Please see potable version if you require a tank for drinking water.

1300 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
Lidup to 16" Screwdown Lid
Capacity1300 litres / 285 gal