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Water Tanks, Water Tank, Water Butts, Water Butt, Doc M Packs, Disabled Toilets, Grab Rails, Rainwater Harvesting, Rainwater
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Water Butts Water Butt 280 Litres
Water Butt Water Butt 400 Litres
Doc M Packs Doc M Packs Special Offer
Water Butts Water Butts x 2 1050 Litres
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Garden Pond
New fibreglass garden pond delivered to your door ! Ideal for koi and fish lovers

Wall Mounted Water Butts
Wall mounted water butt is perfect for keeping your water stored safely out of the way. Its strong and easy to mount and comes with wall fixings.

Infrared Taps

Water Tanks, Rainwater Harvesting, Heating and Plumbing - Bathrooms, Oil Tanks, Gardens & More...

Welcome to Etills.com Supplying a wide range of quality products to industry and general public. Many of our products are manufactured on site. These include water tanks and water butts, rainwater harvesting systems, garden planters, water features and oil tanks. In addition we supply industrial products such as waste management and fuel flowmeters; home and garden products such as hand tools; bathroom and washroom products. We have a wide range of mobility products which we supply throughout the UK, including doc m packs, grab rails, commodes, shower doc m packs and wetrooms

So, whether you're redecorating or installing, Etills is your one stop shop for home and garden, industrial and commercial, bringing you low prices and extensive information on quality products. You can place an order online, or ring our friendly sales team
on 0871 200 2082

Underground Tank 1000 Litres
1950 Litre Water Tank
Underground Tank 2800 Litre Water Tank
Underground Tank

Ecosure Oil Tanks
Yes it's that time of year where it's starting to get colder and your thinking of turning your heating on. Have you checked your oil tank? Ecosure bunded oil tanks are manufactured here in the UK on site and come with a 10 year guarentee.

Bunded Oil Tanks Waste Oil Tanks
Ecosures bunded oil tanks range in many sizes and shapes. Quality tanks that are at competitive prices!
Waste Oil Tanks ideal for garages, workshops and any industries that use waste oil
Underground Tanks Oil Tank Accessories
Underground tanks used for domestic
heating and designed for limited storage.
With our oil tank range we have a range of oil tank accessories available as optional extras.

Garden Planters

Thinking about the new year ahead of us.If your thinking of a refreshing new look in your garden why not take a look at Ecosures garden planters. For all garden lovers the Ecosure planters are frost resistant and come in a fantastic range of different styles. Also look good in conservatories and on patios.

Cambridge Planters Ashwell Planters
Cambridge Planters are slim, smart and designed to hold plants and small trees.
Plant up the ashwell for your garden. They come in a beautiful selection of colours.
Urn Planters Barrel Planters
The urn planters come in a rainbow range of pastel garden colours.
The barrels are a popular style planter and also come in a water feature version.

Etills Mobility

Doc M Packs
Disabled Toilets
Doc M Packs - Both low level and close coupled. Ideal for public facilities.
See a collection of mobility and disabled toilets which also include the bidet shower toilet.
grab rails Shower Doc M Packs
Grab rails Includes plastic rails, stainless steel, chrome and coloured rails.
Shower Doc M Packs at fantastic prices!

Large Water Tanks
See our wide selection of plastic water tanks which include water tanks that range from many sizes and shapes. All of our water tanks are suitable for water storage and rainwater harvesting. Ecosure water tanks are designed and made here on site to ensure they meet all standards. Our water tanks includes baffled water tanks, large water tanks, cold water tanks, car valeting tanks, cone bottom tanks, horizontal tanks layflat water tanks , loft tanks , open top tanks, round tanks, upright tanks, underground water tanks, vertical water tanks, water pumps and more...

Large Water Tanks
Larger Water Tanks
Large Transport Tanks Large Vertical Tanks
Large Transport Tanks that are ideal for transporting water.
large vertical water tanks for water storage

The Ecosure rainwater systems are available with underground water tanks or above ground water tanks. Our standard underground water tanks range from 280 litres up to 7000 litres, however multiple underground water tanks can be linked together to provide higher quantities of water storage up to whatever capacity you require. Our above ground water tanks start at 280 litres and range up to 20000 litres as single water storage tanks but again can be interlinked to provide increased capacities.


Facility Indicator Bolt Door Signs
Door Handles Easy Access Cylinder Roller Bolt Deadlock


ISO 9001
Etills Ltd has been assessed and approved according to quality management system
ISO 9001:2008; the manufacture and supply of rotationally molded plastic tanks and the supply of Mobility Products.

Water Butts, Doc M Packs, Disabled Toilets, Grab Rails, Rainwater Harvesting

Water Pumps For Flooded Areas
Water Pump thats ideal for flooded areas. Can be used in the home and garden.

Comfort Height Toilets
Comfort Height Toilets Ideal for mobility purposes. We have a range of low level toilets and close coupled with extra height.

Luda Shower

Luda Shower comes with excellent features
Fluted easy grip grab riser rail provides extra support up to 190kg. Standard high contrast tactile shower control buttons improve navigation and make Luda easy and safe to use
see more

Heating Products
A fantastic range of heaters which include Electric fan heaters, panel heaters, heaters for your home and office and oil heaters.

Mini Water Butts

The mini pillar is a popular seller water butt for its capacity and shape. Not only is it easy to access but its space saving.

Spill Pallets
Check out our new products under the industrial section. Includes a range of spill pallets, water pumps and more...

Wizard Logs
The Wizard logs make fantastic garden features they can be used as seats and come in a range of enchanting colours.

Radar Lock is specially manufactured and are fitted to toilets and can only be operated using a RADAR key.

Wood Burning Stoves
Wood Burning Stove
Wood Burning Stove Mayfair
Wood Burning Stove
Wood Burning Stove
Victoria II

Wrap up warm this winter by one of this warm wood burning stoves perfect for warming up your houses, flats, coverted offices, river boats etc. Theres nothing nicer that in sitting by the crackling sounds of these wood burning stoves in those cold winter months

Water Tank Glossary
Baffled Water Tanks
Car Valeting Tanks
Horizontal Tank
Large Water Tanks
Layflat Water Tanks
Potable Water Tanks
Rectangular Water Tanks
Round Water Tanks
Slimline Water Tanks
Underground Water Tanks
A baffled Water Tank is a water tank that has baffles in to disrupt the flow of the water making it safer to store in a vehicle.
Car Valeting Tanks are tanks recommended for car valeting use.
- A horizontal water tank is made so it sits horizontal
Large Water Tanks are designed to hold more water
Layflat are varient 2 style water tanks that are designed to sit flush to the ground.
Potable Water Tanks are made from wras approved polymers allowing you to store drinking water safely
Rectangular shaped water tanks
Round Shaped
Designd to be slim, durable, strong and to fit in small spaces and awkward places.
Water Tanks that are designed to be stored underground

Etills On Facebook
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GRP Tanks
Plastic Water Tanks
Wet Rooms

Water Tanks
We have a wide range of water tanks in stock from 5 litre up to 75,000 litre. We can also make bespoke tanks from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), this means we can manufacture a water tank specific to your needs.

Disabled Toilets
The products we provide range from single grab rails, disabled bathrooms, hand rails, Doc M packs, Clos-o-Mat WC, fold down rails, freeway shower, shower rails, disabled toilet alarm, shower seats and stools, disabled toilet sign, shower trays, disabled showers, taps, disabled toilet seat, washer/dryer unit and complete bathroom adaptations.


Grab Rails
See a selection of grab rails from many different colours, sizes and materials, selection of Doc M Packs that are to building regulations, bathing and showering products and many other mobility related products.


At Ecosure you will find a wide range of eco friendly environmental and commercial products, including (large or small, Steel or Plastic) single skin oil tanks, bunded oil tanks, waste oil tanks, fuel dispensers, underground tanks and drum pallets/bunds with spill wells.


So why not see our wonderful range of garden products - From Stoneware, Garden pots , garden ornaments, rainwater harvesting, water features, garden planters, fountains, fish ponds, water Storage tanks, pet store, garden furniture, stoneware, Garden pumps and more....

Security Lock
Our dedicated security lock website is aimed at everyone. We stock and supply a whole range of locks, yale locks, mortice lock, padlocks, security equipment, door handles, door knobs and other ironmongery products.



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