1275 Litre Water Butts

Many people ask why our water butts are more expensive than the traditional high street water butts well the answer is the quality. All our water butts are designed and made using a thicker, tougher and stronger plastic which gives them a greater stability and toleration. Our water butts also hold a much larger capacity of water than high street water butts. Our 1275 litre pillar water butt is a great example of this. It holds a large capacity and yet takes up little ground footprint.

About our water butts

A water butt will save you money on your water and also give you water when you need it. Rainwater is free and why not make the most of the rainwater which you can use to water and feed your garden for free and besides rainwater is much better for your garden than tap water, it does not contain the chemicals that tap water has to clean it.

Our water butts are easy to install and use, all you have to do is attach a rainwater diverter to your downpipe or anywhere like a conservatory roof where theres build up of rainwater and feed it into your water butt. Then to draw the water apply a tap kit to the bottom outlet and draw the water when you want.

All of our water butts are made here on site in the UK, this allows us to make our water butts with extra care and quality and give our customers a much faster delivery service.

To order is simple method, you can order online through our secure shopping cart. or over the phone with our friendly office staff who are here Monday - Friday 8am - 5am.

Delivery is estimated between 3 - 5 working days and a next day delivery if requested.