1275 Litres Water Butt Green Marble

Water Butts - 1275 Litre - Tall Standing and easy to use water butt. Can stand alone or in tight and small spaces. Made with extra strength and durability.

Ecosure Water Butt Features

  • Can be attached to an exisiting irrigation system
  • Hard wearing & heavy duty
  • Easy access to rainwater
  • Tolerates to all weather conditions
  • Made in the UK here on site
  • Discounts available on multiple tanks
  • Next day delivery on reequest
  • Fast delivery

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Product Description

Special Offer Ecosure 1275 Litres Water Butt - Perfect size water butt thats tall standing and holds large litres of water in very little footprint. So ideal for the smaller size garden or places where theres limited space.

Comes with a bottom outlet and screw down lid - easy to use and maintain. Have the option to attach a garden hose to and put inside a water pump to create a larger water flow.

1275 Litre Water Butt Dimensions
OutletLeft: 1" | Centre " | Right: 2" BSP
Lid14" Screwdown Lid
Storage typeRainwater / Non-potable water
Capacity1275 litres / 280 gal