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2000 Litres Tall Water Tank - Black


Water Tank 1850 Ltrs - Large Black water tank that stores large litres of water perfect for agricultural, commercial and industrial purposes. Saving rainwater will save you money on your water bills each month and besides your garden will naturally always prefer rainwater over tap water as it does not conatain the chemicals which are used in tap water to make it safe for consumption. Please remember this tank is only suitable for rainwater so if you are looking to store drnking water please see our potable water tank range.

229.00 ex VAT

Delivery: 90.00 (108.00 inc VAT)

Product Description

The Ecosure 2000 litre water tank comes fitted with a 16" lid and a 1" or 2" BSP fitting located at the bottom of the tank inline with the lid. Also is low in height making this water tank ideal for easy filling and easy tank access for pump installation.

This water tanks is ideal for both domestic and commercial use including rainwater collection, manufacturing, farming and agricultural, landscape gardening and many more applications.

Ecosure water tanks are rotational moulded from industrial strength MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) using the latest in UV stabilization technologies.

Rainwater is free so why not take advantage of saving your rainwater and using it to feed and maintain your garden or land. Rainwater is always better for the garden because it does not contain the chemicals that are in tap water. An eco friendly way of cutting down your monthly water bills, especially if you are on a water metre you will notice the difference.

This is a non potable water tank therefore is not suitable for drinking water storage. Please see potable version if you require a tank for drinking water.

2000 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
Outlet1'' / 2''
Capacity2000 litres / 440 gallon