Fire Safety Water Tanks

Fire Saftey Tanks - Having emergency water on site is ideal for those critical moments in times of emergency. Ideal for first aid and medical services, fire stations, agricultural and farming sectors, food and factory applications, drinking and cooking applications and domestic uses. It's always important to have emergency water in romote areas which may rely on extra water in times of emergency. Buy straight from the manufacturer and get a fast speedy price and delivery.

Fire Sprinklers Tanks

Fire Sprinklers Tanks

Fires can start absolutely anywhere, however there are some environments which could be more prone to fires than others. Industrial sites, manufacturing and places that require dust suppression such as saw mills. Here at Etills Ltd we manufacture a wide range of fire sprinkler tanks under our brand Ecosure which are designed to meet the needs of sprinkler systems.

Our water storage tanks are designed to be strong, robust and well equipped for storing large litres of water. In an emergency where a potential fire could take place it is important that there is easy and fast access to water to put out the fire. We supply to the domestic and commercial market and individual applications. Our large water storage tanks are ideal for holding a large capacity of water and are ideal in a situation where potentially a hazardous fire could take place.

Each of our tanks are rotationally molded here in the UK and our fire sprinkler tanks are designed to comply with building and fire regulations to protect employees, the public and fire fighters from the risk of fire.

  • All of our fire tanks come with extras which include
  • Float or Ball valve on the tank infill.
  • A drain valve at a low level
  • Liquid Level gauge to show the level of water in the tank
  • BSRT fire fittings including couplings, adaptors, blank caps, flange adaptors and washers in 2 1/2'', 4' and 5'' variants.