Underground Water Tanks

Underground Water Storage Tanks - Designed in many different shapes and sizes - Made here on site in the UK
Read Below our Advantages and Disadvantages on underground water tanks.

1500 Litre Rainwater Harvesting Tank
1500 Litre Rainwater Harvesting Tank
3500 Litre Underground Tank
3500 Litre Underground Tank
10,000 Litre Water Tank
10,000 Litre Water Tank

Lets Talk Water TanksLets Talk Water Tanks

At Ecosure we manufacture a wide range of water storage tanks in all different sizes, shapes and styles. We supply to commercial, agricultural and farming sectors, holiday and caravan parks, industrial and general businesses who require large amounts of water. We also supply to domestic households and can advise on a suitable rainwater harvesting system that suits your personal requirements. We have specially trained technical team who will be more than happy with talking and advising you. Our water tanks are divided into having the option for above ground tanks and below ground tanks both in which both are popular, however it comes down to customer preference and requirements.

Let's Talk Underground Tanks

Our underground tanks come in a potable and non-potable version and start at 280 litres right up to 15,000 Litres. Each tank is made using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is made with extra strength and durability. Our Ecosure Underground tanks are great for rainwater harvesting and ideal to maximize the space you have to save as much water as you require. Once an underground tank is properly installed it has very little maintence and can be used to feed your garden and used for other home uses such as flushing the toilet. Collecting rainwater can really save you lots of money which you would normally rely on the mains for which could really up your water bills.

Advantages to Underground Tanks
  • Underground tanks can be installed safely and securely underground where they are hidden and not an eye sore to the landscape.
  • Because they are underground, they maintain a cool steady water temperature. Having a natural protection again the weather and temperature above.
  • They can be installed under lawns or patios.
  • Because they are hidden, they are unlikely to suffer vandalism.
  • Ideal for emergency water when required in a fire.
  • Reduce your need to use mains water.
  • Save you money on water altogether.
Disadvantages of Underground Tanks
  • Installation costs can be expensive
  • Can be difficult to maintain if tank is not properly installed or damaged
  • More labour Intensive
Our underground water tank collection gives you plenty of options in size, shapes and styles. Store your water in a safe and secure underground plastic tank thats made by Ecosure and here in the UK.